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Offering the MIMS Approach, Minimum Incision, Maximum Sight

The Holmed Swivel Port System, marketed and distributed globally by Spine Surgical Innovation (SSI), is designed for ease of use and intended for posterior or posterolateral lumbar and cervical spine surgery. The Swivel Port MIS system is simple to use, providing the most visualization at the distal working site relative to proximal opening and incision size, and can be used on its own or effectively as a complement to many implant systems using an MIS approach.

Elegant in its simplicity, intuitive in its design, the patented Swivel Port System for minimally invasive surgery provides a simple, safe and easy tool that compliments your existing surgical technique. With maximum visualization, the Swivel Port unique design fends off disruptive and time consuming “muscle creep” so common with tubular retractor systems. This comprehensive system has grown to six different sets of working ports configured and sized for both posterior and lateral lumbar approaches, including two new systems designed for posterior cervical procedures. For surgeons trained and experienced in using dilation for access to the spine, we have added dilators which complement the unique features of the Swivel Port System.

The Swivel Port System is reusable, providing high value for you and your institution, saving time through ease of use and is a cost effective alternative to more expensive and excessively complex spine retraction products.

You can fully equip multiple surgical suites for less cost than a single competitive system. You can provide your surgical team with a simple, standard platform for most lumbar and cervical procedures and streamline processing. Minimize your implant expense by removing the hidden cost of the retractor system with one that works for you across implant lines and equally well in higher volume non-instrumented procedures.

Our designs are surgeon driven, our rich history and culture is focused on making surgical instruments and systems safe, easy to use and cost effective. We look forward to working with you in the near future to help support your objective review, evaluation and consideration of this truly innovative system. Call today to schedule a meeting or an evaluation case to see what you have been missing.

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